Core Values

At InvesTong our focus is Service Excellence. We Care about our employees, Clients and all other stakeholders.

We strive to create an environment that fosters Transparency and Respect in all our deliverables. We seek out Partnerships which are mutually beneficial and that will help us to grow. We consistently demonstrate Empowerment of people and we have created a Non-Racialism and Non-Sexist working environment that brings Happiness to our employees, clients, stakeholders and society at large.

Business Principles:

  • Determination, we work hard for what we promise
  • Competence, we work with competent people
  • Courage, we believe in ourselves and we assertive
  • Consultation, we value different ideas
  • Customer Focus, we strive to better understand our customer’s needs and expectations
  • Sense of Responsibility, we feel responsible to uphold values of humanity and our society through InvesTong Foundation.